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12hs | 2 days
6a+ & up
All year
€ 180

 How many times have you abandoned a route out of fear? Or did it ever happen that you got to the crux already tired and pumped from overgripping on all the previous moves?

 In many occasions fear is an ally that helps keep ourselves alive: it's pure survival instinct. Yet, it's important to distinguish the fear that induces alertness from that which paralizes us and prevents us from reaching our goals or accomplishing our dreams.

 Our Fear Management Workshop is a two-day course lead by a psychologist specialized in climbing and a professional climbing guide with over 20 years of experience.

A sport climbing fall
A sport climbing fall

 Together we will go over all the aspects of fear, and particularly the fear of falling. In a controlled enviornment we will practice falling (only if you wish so) and we'll analyze the risk factors. We will provide you will all the tools you need to better manage your fear while climbing and overcome that barrier that's blocking you.


Private course (price per person) Group course
1 participant €360 --
2 participants €220 --
3 participants €200 --
4 participants €180 €180 (per person)

 It includes: climbing equipment (ropes, quickdraws, carabiners), activity insurance, professional guide service and specialized psychologist tuition.


You can contact us via email at or by phone to (+34) 645 432 307, or by filling up the contact form in the following link.


Client Reviews

(Translated by Google) We have had an incredible weekend. Santi is very attentive, super good vibes and makes you feel safe at all times. It also gives enough freedom for you to have confidence in yourself to move forward. He puts a lot of love into it, you can tell he enjoys his work :) We are left wanting more!
(Original) Hemos pasado un fin de semana increíble. Santi es muy atento, super buen rollo y te hace sentir seguro en todo momento. También da la libertad suficiente para que tengas confianza en ti mismo para avanzar. Le pone mucho cariño, se nota que disfruta con su trabajo :) Nos hemos quedado con ganas de más!

– Ona

(Translated by Google) The morning with Santi has been great. He has ensured that we learn what is necessary and has managed to balance the challenge and security very well. Santi is a true professional and it shows that he is an excellent climber. Without a doubt we will repeat!
(Original) La mañana con Santi ha sido estupenda. Se ha encargado de que aprendamos lo necesario y ha sabido equilibrar muy bien el reto y la seguridad. Santi es todo un profesional y se nota que es un excelso escalador. Sin dudarlo repetiremos!

– Marta Ferrer Quintero

(Translated by Google) Fantastic course on fear management in climbing. Magnificent professionals have offered us a very useful and unforgettable experience.
(Original) Fantástico curso de gestión del miedo en la escalada. Los profesionales magníficos, nos han ofrecido una experiencia muy útil e inolvidable.

– Carmen Medrano

(Translated by Google) Spectacular via ferrata we did. Control at all times and lots of laughs, perfect combination! ⛰⛰✨
(Original) Espectacular la vía ferrata que hicimos. Control en todo momento y muchas risas, combinación perfecta!! ⛰⛰✨

– Anabel Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) A great morning of climbing with Mariano for Siurana. Small groups of people, which allows you to hang out and feel safe at all times. Highly recommended!
(Original) Un matí genial d’escalada amb el Mariano per Siurana. Grups reduïts de gent, cosa que permet apendre i sentir-te segura en tot moment. Molt recomenable!

– Ivet Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) Take the long route course: two days, the first one took us to combat Montserrat, where we went from a theoretical explanation with exercises in the place to climbing and practicing what we saw. At all times checking and explaining why we do what we do at each stage. Day two: straight to one of the caps, where we immediately began to climb applying what we had learned with a long route of multiple meetings. You finish the course with not only tools to be able to do it alone, but with a way of thinking when it comes to Set up your rappelling or your meetings to be able to adapt to any situation! Super recommended and the best predisposition of Santi!! Super serious, and always very clear with each step we took.
(Original) Tome el curso de vía larga: dos dias, el primero nos llevó a combato Montserrat, donde pasamos de un explicación teórica con ejercicios en el lugar a escalar y practicar lo visto. En todo momento chequeando y explicando el porqué hacemos lo que hacemos en cada etapa. Día dos: directo a uno de los gorros, donde inmediatamente empezamos a subir aplicando lo aprendido con una vía larga de múltiples reuniones. Terminas el curso con no solo herramientas para poder hacerlo solo, sino con una forma de pensar a la hora de Montar tu rapel o tus reuniones para poder adaptarte a cualquier situacion! Súper recomendable y la mejor predisposición de Santi!! Súper serio, y siempre muy claro con cada paso que dimos.

– Pablo Martinez

(Translated by Google) I have been with Santi, he is the best monitor you can have, he explains very well, he teaches perfectly and you laugh a lot with him, of course it makes you want to repeat the experience
(Original) Yo he estado con Santi és el mejor monitor que se puede tener, explica muy bien enseña perfectamente y te ríes mucho con él, desde luego que te dan ganas de repetir la experiencia

– Ainara Lopez

Best Guide Ever! Seriously- we had such a fun day with Santi in Montserrat. My 3 friends from Switzerland were visiting and we all had such blast! I can truly recommend to book a tour with South Climb. Professional, fun and tons of positive energy 🙏 Thank you for everything.

– Andrea Hausheer

(Translated by Google) Bua the fear management course in very very top climbing. We all left highly motivated and with a lot of tools to continue working. Santi is a person who gives a lot of confidence and transmits absolute tranquility and affection. 100% I will do a course again!
(Original) Bua el curso de gestión del miedo en escalada muy muy top. Nos fuimos todos ultra motivados y con un montón de herramientas para seguir trabajando. Santi es una persona que da muchísima confianza y transmite una tranquilidad y cariño absolutos. 100% volveré a hacer un curso!

– Victoria Walker González

(Translated by Google) We did the Sport Climbing course with Mariano, between Montserrat and Gelida. The course was very interesting, Mariano's treatment was great. Not only did he teach us the necessary maneuvers, but he gave us an extra dose of motivation to keep climbing and learning.
(Original) Vam fer el curs d'Escalada Esportiva amb en Mariano, entre Montserrat i Gelida. El curs va ser molt interessant, el tracte d'en Mariano ha estat genial. No només ens va ensenyar les maniobres necessàries, sinó que ens va donar una dosi extra de motivació per seguir escalant i aprenent.

– Marti Segura Julian