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April 11, 2020 | CLIMBING


What will happen when we get to go out and climb again? We´ll do the same mistakes?

For the moment we are all still at home, confined. We are not sure when this will end, the exact day or how this confinement that has taken climbing away from us, but above all from our jobs, our friends and family, which forces us to reinvent ourselves and change our habits and customs, but we are sure that at some point it has to end, and that things will not be the same as before, but hopefully we will at least be able to go climbing with friends, enjoy again the mountains all day.

Now, what will happen that first day that we can climb again? Will we all go desperate to the mountain? Will climbing areas be overflowing with desperate climbers? Mountains and trails full of people running? Will we see endless accidents?

It is difficult to know exactly what will happen when all this pandemic ends, when our lives return to a certain sense of normality and we can do those things that we like most, freely. But we should keep a few things in mind when return:

We have the opportunity to change some of our behaviors when it comes to climbing again. From our point of view, climbing involves a lifestyle that transcends the mere fact of climbing the walls and that is why it seems very important to us to be aware of the places where we carry out our activity. Remember that when you go to climb Montserrat or Siurana, to name a few examples, they are sites with a rich history in various aspects, from their geology, to their founding history as towns or Monasteries and the place they occupy in the history of climbing at the national level. Find out, discover the secrets kept by each of these sites that you will climb every weekend or every day and that you still don't know. We are sure that this will make you value even more each climbing sector.

We will have been a few weeks without climbing and although you have been training at home, hanging on your fingerboard like crazy, it is better to take it easy when you get back out. Start off smooth, get a good warm-up, and don't expect to be on the same level as the last day you rock climbed. Take it easy. Enjoy being able to be rock climbing again and being in the mountains.

And finally, it is a good time to remember the importance of respecting each other, it doesn´t matter how hard you climb, we are all out there with a single objective which is to enjoy an activity in the mountains that fills us, that makes us happy and that teaches us many things in life. Climbing is not an essential activity, but those of us who climb know what we have learned hanging from the rocks.

We hope to be climbing again soon, but above all that when we get to do so we do it using our brains, with respect and from a new point of view. Regards.


August 23, 2019 | TRIPS

October 11, 2019 | TRIPS


A short tale about a climbing trip to the iconic Verdon Gorge.



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Client Reviews

Hola, solo decir que la salida de escalada a roca fue genial, con muchas ganas de repetir ya!!

– Albert, Lleida.

Hemos pasado un gran día mi hijo Santi y yo.
El ha perdido miedo y ha ganado confianza.
Yo me he sentido muy segura y acompañada en todo momento. Con paciencia y sin prisas. Muy bien

– Imma Merino

Han sigut dos dies genials aprenent seguretat i gaudint de l'experiència i ensenyança d'escalar amb un magnífic professional com es en Santi. Estic molt content d'haver conegut a SouthClimb i de l'experiència. He aprés moltíssim al costat del Santi i espero continuar-ho fent en properes activitats i sortides.

Una experiència genial i absolutament recomanable, amb moltes ganes de continuar l'aprenentatge amb en Santi i el seu equip!

– Toni Masanés Surroca

hi Santi,
i'm sorry it took so long to post your review, but i wanted to have time to sit down and write a thoughtful one. thank you so much for a great experience. i truly can't think of anything you could do better than you're already doing. just keep up the good work!
thanks again!
Courtney (and Andrew)

– Courtney Fong

Con Santi hemos escalado multilargo en Riglos y fue de lo mejor. Inclusive uno de mis amigos nunca había escalado más de un largo y se llevó una gran experiencia. Un gran guía sin dudas !!

– Gaspar, Argentina

Excelente experiencia!!! Gracias SOUTHCLIMB por la buena onda, brindar la mejor seguridad y equipamiento para que se disfrute 🧗‍♂️👌 en Monserrat

– Pablo, Argentina

Una experiència molt bona. En Santi no només encomana la passió per l'escalada, sino que a més contagia la seva cura per la natura. El seu bon fer i la relació amb tots els nens dels grup ha estat molt positiva. Hem après un munt de coses sobre l'escalada i hem fet un bon amic. Gràcies Santi! Fins aviat!


Una excursión genial !

– Gerard Marquez Caceres

Excelente experiencia....con ganas de repetir!!!!!

– Úrsula, Argentina.

Lo hemos pasado muy bien en el curso de iniciación, aprendiendo a escalar en boulder, de top... mediante juegos y explicaciones, sencillas y practicas :) Gracias a Santi x el buen rollo y ahora nos toca seguir practicando, un abrazo!

– Isabel Jorda